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Hacking Habitual Success

Why embracing practises such as meditation feels like mission impossible and how you can change that. In today’s hustle culture, where productivity reigns supreme, the idea of meditation can feel like a detour on the fast track to success. With our minds wired for constant activity and achievement, slowing down to meditate may seem counterintuitive. […]

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Go slow with your flow

Your menstrual cycle should not be a source a shame, but a time to slow down, take care and embrace your magic. Chiropractor, lifestyle coach and personal trainer Dr Jacinta Di Prinzio shares her self-care tips for this special time of the month. “Oh hey, I have my period today.” Did that make you uncomfortable? […]

4 wellness tips to fuel your morning

To kick off our new WellBeing TV series, nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor Damian Kristof shares his top tips for improving your health, which includes a delicious hot chocolate from Pana Organic. It’s no secret that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I love it so much that I dedicated part of my life […]