9 Expert Tips To Study Well Andi Lew

9 Expert tips to study well

In the latest WellBeing TV series, wellness expert Andi Lew shares her top tips for changing your career path, staying motivated to study and improving your overall health.

We are in full swing of a wellness revolution.

With the wellness industry now worth $4.5 trillion globally, it’s no wonder people are looking to upskill and take better control of their health. As a wellness expert, I’m often asked for the best places to study. This year, I have been excited to learn that Endeavour College of Natural Health are making wellness even more accessible with a suite of new short courses. Select from courses like Gut and the Microbiome, Eating Disorders, Nutrition for Weight Loss, and Food and the Environment, all of which can be studied individually or bundled together. If pairing the courses together, you’ll learn how Endeavour’s extensive Undergraduate Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor of Health Science courses work.

There are many reasons why a short course may appeal to you. Perhaps you want to dip your toe in the water to test out a new career path? Maybe you’re a wellness professional wishing to freshen up on your knowledge? Or are you looking to empower yourself with information to better take care of yourself? Studying online with Endeavour College means you can set your own pace and fit studies into your life.

No matter what your motivation is, here are some top tips that have helped me study successfully over the years.

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1. Let the sunshine in

Natural light can help you be more productive. Studies have shown that natural light has a powerful impact on productivity and contributes to physical and mental health, efficiency and wellbeing. Open up the curtains and let the sun’s natural rays into your dedicated study space.

2. Pump up the music

According to a 2007 study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, music — particularly classical music — can help your brain absorb and interpret new information. This study found that music engages your brain in a way that trains it to pay better attention.

3. Move it

To keep your brain awake, set your alarm every hour and commit to performing a quick movement for five minutes — a few squats, lunges or star jumps.

4. Nootropics

Nootropics act as brain fuel supplements that can enhance cognitive function. A rough translation of the word “nootropic” comes from the Greek definition, “to bend or shape the mind”. Traditionally B vitamins with plant-derived compounds, nootropics may improve memory, concentration and focus. For me, they are like a caffeine boost without the crash.

5. Think about your posture

Humans are not designed to be sedentary and sit for eight hours each day. Ergonomics are so important for your overall health. Ensure your study area is set up correctly: the computer screen should be at eye level or above, your legs should be at a right angle and, if you’re using a fitball to sit, make sure you get the right size. A stand-up desk may also be a consideration.

6. Block blue light

Did you know the blue light emitted from screens robs the melatonin sleep hormone from your brain and impacts on the quality of your sleep? This can then kick-start a cycle of waking tired and not being productive the next day. Studying at night is not ideal, but if it’s unavoidable for you, invest in good-quality blue-light-blocking glasses and turn off all technology an hour before bed. A hot shower before bed also helps melatonin production.

7. Brain food

Brain food snacks consumed while studying like nuts, seeds, bananas and any wholefoods in season will help you to feel full.

8. Walk your talk

Talk through what you’ve learned to someone as soon as you’ve learned it to help you practise and remember it. You may also want to share it on social media with your friends and fans or with your mirror! Whatever works — just share it. Repetition creates memory.

9. Remember your “why”

Are you studying for your family? What’s your reason for studying? Make sure your reason is greater than yourself. For me, my purpose is to educate and inspire others towards a greater quality of life. Remembering my “why” daily helps keep me inspired.

Wellbeing Eatwell March 2022 248 600
Wellbeing Eatwell March 2022 248 600

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